For years now I have begged and begged and tried to get my hubby to eat better. If I told him all he needs to do is eat the rainbow he assumed that included Cheetos, after all they are orange. Right!?!? But after cancer, he decide that his body deserved more than a bag of chemicals. Don’t get me wrong, he still has a bag of orange every now and again but it’s becoming less and less.

Since my hubby is diabetic, it is very important for him to keep his carb count low and his protein high. In my opinion, there is no better eating style that fits this bill better than what most call paleo, caveman diet or as even primal. This is my goal for him (now if I can just get it to be his goal hahaha) to help him decrease or even eliminate a lot of his meds. We have a ways to go yet as  his standard go to foods right now are from the Atkins line of frozen meals. No offense to anyone that eats them, but that is not real food. It may contain one or two real food items but that’s not the total sum of the dish. I just counted 44 ingredients in just 1 frozen meal. Imagine making a meal for your loved ones that included 44 ingredients. That is just absurd!

So, the gift I want from him for Christmas is for him to join me, starting Jan 2nd, on a food transformation. This transformation, if done right, can really help eliminate a lot of inflammation in our bodies, which is the culprit for so many auto immune diseases, including diabetes and asthma. I don’t think he is ready to be as strict as I am will be but for 30 days he has committed to eat paleo. Since he has made that commitment, I have made one too. I am committed to discovering recipes that he will love that are paleo. To help prepare both him and me for the upcoming transformation, I have started making testing recipes that will fit into the guidelines to see if I need to do some tweaking before we begin. I want to be sure that he has foods that he enjoys so that he is completely setup for success.

Last night, I worked on beef and broccoli because he says that is one of his favorites. I think I actually hit a homerun with this one. What is funny is that he has tasted coconut aminos before straight from the bottle and didn’t like it at all. Yet when I used it in this recipe it passed with flying colors. Let this be a lesson, even when they saw they don’t like something it doesn’t mean you can’t try it on them again.