fruit-424184_1920 smart copy copyIf you were really honest with yourself how much of your time do you spend comparing apples and oranges? What on earth and I talking about? The time that you spend comparing yourself to someone else that you think is smarter, more successful a better mom or wife and on and on. I may or may not be guilty of doing this myself. Ok, I am actually guilty. It’s not something I set out to do, it just seems to kind of happen. One minute I will be admiring someone’s Like Page on Facebook or scrolling their Instagram feed and then the next thing I know an hour has past of me comparing what their life “appears” to be like with mine really is like and it leaves me feeling completely deflated. But truly all I am doing is comparing apples to oranges because God didn’t make me like them! So, how does one stop living a life of comparison?

First, you MUST learn your own value and be completely grounded in that. If you are a Christian your value comes from Jesus. And here is the key to that, you have the value whether or not you choose to believe it. I would say for someone to give up their life just so they could have a relationship with you that puts you pretty much at the top of the valuable list. BUT for you to believe your value is completely different than the fact that you already are valuable. Sounds cray huh? What do I mean by this? Have you ever heard of someone going to a garage sale and picking up some small tchotchke for like a buck and then find out later that little thing is worth millions? It was always worth millions before the person sold it at the garage sale, but seller was clueless it had any value more than a buck. They were probably actually happy to get a buck for it and get it out of their house. That is what I am talking about having value but not realizing it so we settle in a state of mind that others are worth more and deserve more than we do. Yet that is simply not true. You need to discover the price that has been paid for you and all the promises that are yours because that price has been paid. And then you have believe it’s for you. Sometimes it’s a long hard journey to get to that place, but the trip, as long and hard as it is will be so worth it.

When we get caught in the web of comparison it keeps us prisoner to a false belief that we are not good enough or worthy of enough the way God made us to be as successful (whatever success looks like to you) as the person we have chosen to compare ourselves to. Bottom line is this, you have a different gift and talent, a different fingerprint and iris and as a matter of fact everything about you God created specifically and uniquely to you. He doesn’t want you trying to be someone else. The more you chase after another person’s identity and success the more yours will elude you. God wants you to chase after Him (Matt 6:33) because He is your only true comparison. His word tells us that we were created in HIS likeness, not the air brushed super model on the cover of a magazine who is usually broken in on the inside, they just don’t show us that.

So ask yourself this question, why would you want to take what God created only one of, on purpose, and try to make it look like someone else? You would then no longer be uniquely you. He wants you to find your purpose, value and worth in comparing yourself to the only one worth comparing yourself to and that is Christ. And who you are in Christ has a value worth dying for.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, He calls YOU His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) because to Him you are fearfully and wonderfully made just by being you (Psalm 139:14).