I am the ultimate nutrition nerd!

Want to put a smile on my face and see me come alive? Take me to a Wholefoods Market, turn on Food TV or the Cooking Channel or simply let me in the kitchen. I have had to learn to not go into the kitchen too late at night because it truly is like a drug for me that makes me feel high. I get excited, wired and energized, which is not good late at night for someone has a hard time falling asleep anyway. My husbands says it just makes him laugh about how excited I can get when I create something I think tastes good.

My heart belongs in the kitchen. It’s a little crazy but I get these visions of food ideas and then I just have to try and create them or they won’t go away. I’ll be honest, they don’t all turn out the way the vision appears, sometimes I have to 86 it. But that never keeps me from trying again. I am passionate about color of foods, it’s texture and even like to check out how it taste raw and cooked. I genuinely am passionate about all things food.

I believe food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food. When we eat it’s like filling our cars with gas. We would never dream of putting water in our gas tank because it would completely destroy the car. Yet, we fill ourselves with things that are created in a lab with no nutrients in them whatsoever and then wonder why we don’t feel well. I think  a life of wellness starts with food and we all have a choice about what we eat. My goal is to share my love of food by sharing places I have found to get organic foods at a great price, my journey of discovering new foods and kitchen tools, creating new recipes and trying others creations. I hope this journey of mine will inspire you to step into your kitchen and create.