Potential BeautyI absolutely love taking old things and repurposing or refurbishing them. There is just something awesome about finding an item that someone else has discarded as having no value because they can longer see the beauty in it. It makes me smile when I find that thing and I can see it’s potential. Sometimes I might not completely see the full potential of the item at first, but I know there is something there even if no else saw or felt it was worth the effort. Just think about it. If others saw the value in it, it would have never been left on the shelf or thrown to the curb.

We tend to do the same thing with people. We tend to discarded each other when see each other’s deepest flaws. We may keep someone around for a while but eventually we no longer have a use for them. Someone more interesting comes along and we suddenly only see the brokenness in the other person which justifies our moving on. The sad part is we are flawed but tend to not see it in ourselves. We usually discard people that we don’t understand because we have never walked in their shoes and lived their experience. I am not saying that there is not a time to leave friendship because it’s abusive or enabling an unhealthy lifestyle. But I am saying that many people would rather gossip about someone flaws then to speak good words over someone even before they deserve them. Speaking good words over someone well before they deserve them is what has the greatest potential to change them in a positive direction. Gossip destroys the character of the person doing it, it pollutes the mind of the one listening to it and it damages the one being gossiped about.

I guess you could say I am a huge fan of the “underdog” because I have always felt a little like one myself. For many years I have had a thought that if people really knew the truth about who I WAS (please notice the past tense there) they would not like me at all.  I have an extremely colorful past that included a very wild lifestyle. But I can tell you it was my way of trying to mask a lot of hurt and pain. Broken people are broken for a reason. Usually they are in search of love and acceptance. Unfortunately, they look in all the wrong places because they  don’t feel worthy to look in all the right places.

So next time you decide that you prefer to move on from a friendship with someone you feel is just too broken for you to be around for whatever reason, do both of you a favor and choose to speak words of over them they don’t yet deserve.  Though you may not be broken today keep in mind that tomorrow you might be the discard item left on shelf just waiting on someone to come along and see something beautiful that others have been unable to see. Words are containers that hold the power. Speak words of life because we must not forget, we will  reap what we sow…..eventually.