Spicy Carrot and Jicama Slaw

I love everything spicy so it’s no shocker that I would put jalapenos in this slaw. If you don’t like things hot and spicy, just leave out the peppers. I used a spiralizer for the carrots but you can grate or julienne them if you don’t have a spiralizer. I cubed and added a few pieces of grass fed white cheddar to mine for some protein and it was the perfect mix!

2 large carrots
1 small jicama
1 small jalapeno
4-5 fresh basil leaves
fresh lime juice (I squeezed about 1/4 of a lime)
fresh chives
Creamy Garlic Dressing

Peel and spiralize carrots. Peel and dice jicama into small pieces. Chop and deseed jalapeno (or if you are like me, leave the seeds be.) Layer the basil leaves on top of each other and roll into a small tube, this helps with chopping them. Chop and add chives. Mix all ingredients into a bowl, add the Creamy Garlic dressing, squeeze in the lime and then mix well. Allow the slaw to sit in refrigerator for about 15 – 30 minutes and serve.

Servings 2