My 21 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Day 2

My 21 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Day 2

I usually do something at the beginning of the year to give my health a boost. So this year I decided to focus on inflammation and started a 21 day anti-inflammatory diet yesterday. I deal with asthma which is basically inflammation of the lungs and I have noticed that the joints in my fingers have been starting to hurt off and on lately.

Unfortunately for me one of the things you need to let go of while working on inflammation is that beloved cup, or two, or three of morning of joe. Let’s just say that yesterday morning was NOT my favorite morning of the year. Yeah, I know it just started but it really was a rough morning. I missed that warm cup of coffee with my quiet time. I did drink a dandelion tea but it’s just wasn’t like having my morning cup of coffee. I did end up with a headache and felt tired most of the day. Needless to say, last night had a very early bedtime for me.

On to day two and things seem to be a little better. This morning was still rough and I still miss my coffee, like bad. But it was better today. I didn’t get a headache but I have felt tired all day. I guess you could say that today I’ve been in a little bit of a funk. I know as the days go by I will feel so much better and my energy will return. I am sooo looking forward to that. But for now, I am going to enjoy the journey.



I made what is called a Quinoa Flatbread Pizza. The “flatbread” has a texture and taste similar to cornbread. I loved both of those things about it but it truly lacked flavor. I am definitely making this again but next time it will have my twist on it.




I am basing my 21 diet eating plan off of the book Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21 by Sondi Bruner. I love that it has menus and shopping lists (if you buy the book be careful of the shopping list. I think she might have changed some things around right before print and forgot to change the lists or something) included but what I have found is that the recipes lack a little flavor. So, I am taking her ideas and expanding on them. She has great ingredients but most recipes just lack something. I love food way too much to eat bland food. I am on a mission to make this 21 days full of yumminess. I don’t believe that on any dietary plan you should have to eat food that you just don’t love. So here’s to making some incredible food over the next 19 days and counting.

How to Carve a Turkey

Is it your turn to carve the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner? Check out the video and then if you still need a little more help go here for more details:


A 21 Day Fix Thanksgiving

For all my 21 Day Fixers out this video has some great tips for your holiday plate. You know you want to come out the other side of Thanksgiving Day satisfied but still feeling in control. Nothing is worse than betting yourself up after a holiday of stuffing your face! Use tips in this video to stay on point!

The Perfectly Hard Boiled Egg

The Perfectly Hard Boiled Egg

the_pWould you admit that your hard boiled eggs ain’t all that and actually resemble rubber sometimes? For YEARS I had no idea that I was over cooking my hard boiled eggs. I thought a boiled egg was a boiled egg….WRONG. Seriously, how can you over cook a hard boiled egg, right? Well surprise to me. I didn’t know when I boiled my eggs and they come out with a dark greenish ring around the yellow, they were waaaay over cooked. But I don’t do that anymore!

Here is a foolproof way to get them to come out perfect every time. And it’s so easy peasy!

Here’s all you need:

Boiling pot
Cool water enough to cover the eggs

Put the eggs in the pot and cover them with cool water. Put the pot on med-high and allow the water to come to a boil. Once the water starts to boil, immediately remove from the eye and put a lid on the pot. Set a timer for 10 minutes. When timer goes off put eggs in a colander and rinse with cold water. Take the pot and cool it off with cold water then put eggs back into the pot and cover them with cold water. Let the eggs sit in the cold water for a few minutes so that they stop cooking. Voila!! Peel and enjoy!

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