My 21 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Day 2

My 21 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Day 2

I usually do something at the beginning of the year to give my health a boost. So this year I decided to focus on inflammation and started a 21 day anti-inflammatory diet yesterday. I deal with asthma which is basically inflammation of the lungs and I have noticed that the joints in my fingers have been starting to hurt off and on lately.

Unfortunately for me one of the things you need to let go of while working on inflammation is that beloved cup, or two, or three of morning of joe. Let’s just say that yesterday morning was NOT my favorite morning of the year. Yeah, I know it just started but it really was a rough morning. I missed that warm cup of coffee with my quiet time. I did drink a dandelion tea but it’s just wasn’t like having my morning cup of coffee. I did end up with a headache and felt tired most of the day. Needless to say, last night had a very early bedtime for me.

On to day two and things seem to be a little better. This morning was still rough and I still miss my coffee, like bad. But it was better today. I didn’t get a headache but I have felt tired all day. I guess you could say that today I’ve been in a little bit of a funk. I know as the days go by I will feel so much better and my energy will return. I am sooo looking forward to that. But for now, I am going to enjoy the journey.



I made what is called a Quinoa Flatbread Pizza. The “flatbread” has a texture and taste similar to cornbread. I loved both of those things about it but it truly lacked flavor. I am definitely making this again but next time it will have my twist on it.




I am basing my 21 diet eating plan off of the book Anti-Inflammatory Diet in 21 by Sondi Bruner. I love that it has menus and shopping lists (if you buy the book be careful of the shopping list. I think she might have changed some things around right before print and forgot to change the lists or something) included but what I have found is that the recipes lack a little flavor. So, I am taking her ideas and expanding on them. She has great ingredients but most recipes just lack something. I love food way too much to eat bland food. I am on a mission to make this 21 days full of yumminess. I don’t believe that on any dietary plan you should have to eat food that you just don’t love. So here’s to making some incredible food over the next 19 days and counting.

It Passed the Test

It Passed the Test

For years now I have begged and begged and tried to get my hubby to eat better. If I told him all he needs to do is eat the rainbow he assumed that included Cheetos, after all they are orange. Right!?!? But after cancer, he decide that his body deserved more than a bag of chemicals. Don’t get me wrong, he still has a bag of orange every now and again but it’s becoming less and less.

Since my hubby is diabetic, it is very important for him to keep his carb count low and his protein high. In my opinion, there is no better eating style that fits this bill better than what most call paleo, caveman diet or as even primal. This is my goal for him (now if I can just get it to be his goal hahaha) to help him decrease or even eliminate a lot of his meds. We have a ways to go yet as  his standard go to foods right now are from the Atkins line of frozen meals. No offense to anyone that eats them, but that is not real food. It may contain one or two real food items but that’s not the total sum of the dish. I just counted 44 ingredients in just 1 frozen meal. Imagine making a meal for your loved ones that included 44 ingredients. That is just absurd!

So, the gift I want from him for Christmas is for him to join me, starting Jan 2nd, on a food transformation. This transformation, if done right, can really help eliminate a lot of inflammation in our bodies, which is the culprit for so many auto immune diseases, including diabetes and asthma. I don’t think he is ready to be as strict as I am will be but for 30 days he has committed to eat paleo. Since he has made that commitment, I have made one too. I am committed to discovering recipes that he will love that are paleo. To help prepare both him and me for the upcoming transformation, I have started making testing recipes that will fit into the guidelines to see if I need to do some tweaking before we begin. I want to be sure that he has foods that he enjoys so that he is completely setup for success.

Last night, I worked on beef and broccoli because he says that is one of his favorites. I think I actually hit a homerun with this one. What is funny is that he has tasted coconut aminos before straight from the bottle and didn’t like it at all. Yet when I used it in this recipe it passed with flying colors. Let this be a lesson, even when they saw they don’t like something it doesn’t mean you can’t try it on them again.


Only 70 Days Left!

Only 70 Days Left!

project 50(4)Wow, it’s hard to believe that in only 70 days I will be turning another decade older which equates to a half a century!! Whuuuuut!!! It seems unreal to me at times.

My 49th year has been a doozy though so I can actually say I am ready to exit the 40s and enter my 50s. This past year has been full of unexpected and unwelcomed surprises.

I had begged my husband for years and years to stop smoking to no avail. He would always say one day. But one day turned into my husband being diagnosed with renal cancer in May. This diagnosis came right after his resignation as president of a company. We had just celebrated the idea of him entering into a new and prosperous season in his career. But that’s not at all what happened, instead it meant I had an unemployed husband with a diagnosis of an untreatable cancer. Let’s just say there have been A LOT of sleepless nights and tearful prayers since then. Our lives took a nose dive and have been a roller coaster ever since.

I am grateful for my faith because without it there is no telling what path I would have taken to help elevate all the stress and pain I felt from going through the hardest season of my life. Because of my relationship with Christ I was able to rise above myself and allow the Holy Spirit, through me, to love on my husband in what was the darkest season of his life. It was in no way easy, but God showed Himself faithful in the outcome. My husband was declared cancer free as of about a month ago. Now it’s all about honoring God with our lives to show Him how grateful we are that He spared Harvey’s life. In a nutshell, it’s time to do whatever needs to be done to live a healthy life full of laughter and love.

My health story, well, I have had a diagnosis for many, many years of Hashimoto’s disease which is a thyroid condition. It is an auto immune disease (in simple terms I have chronic inflammation in my body) and what happens is my immune system actually attacks my thyroid like it’s a foreign object. Most recently however I was diagnosed with adult on set asthma (yep, that’s basically inflammation in my lungs, see a pattern here?) which has been a HUGE blow to my cardiovascular activity. I went from a crazy wild thang in an aerobic setting to being forced to stop and use the rescue inhaler so that I could catch my breath and hopefully finish.

SOOOO….In honor of me turning 50, I have decided to start “Project 50” to set some goals I want to accomplish over the next 70 days. I have decided that I am so worth giving up some instant gratifications so that I can possibly have some long term health benefits by doing so.

Stay tuned as I lay those goals out and share my journey and progress. It’s time to leave the first half century behind me and enter into a whole new half century feeling vibrant and healthy. I say…out with the old and in with the new!


Rich Omega 3 Fish

Rich Omega 3 Fish

fishWhat’s all the fuse about omega-3 fatty acids? Well for starters studies show you can lower your risk of a fatal heart attack by an average of 36% just by consuming 1-2 servings a week of omega-3-rich fish.  The way it does this is by lowering triglycerides and countering inflammation.

Remember that not all fish are created equal. Choose a fish that is higher in omega-3. Here is a list to help you pick a fish that is have higher in omega-3 per ounce.


Type of fish
Total omega-3 content per 3.5 ounces (grams)
Trout, lake
Tuna, Bluefin
Sardines, canned
Sturgeon, Atlantic
Tuna, albacore
Whitefish, lake
Since Spring is in the air, I thought I would offer up a little fish on the grill. Check out this yummy recipe from Primal Palate.

Simply Grilled Salmon


  • 1 lb Salmon Filet, Wild Caught
  • 1 tsp Basil, dried
  • 1 tsp Oregano, dried
  • 1 tsp Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1/4 cup Olive Oil, Extra Virgin
  • 2 cloves Garlic, minced
  • 1 Lemon, juice

Get prep and grilling instructions at Primal Palate

Asthma Sucks!

Asthma Sucks!

asthma sucksLooking back I can no doubt say I was always a very active person. I was a runner and a huge step aerobics fan (yep dated myself just then), loved racquet ball and anything else that got my heart rate soaring, the more intense it was the more I loved it! Being active actually made me feel alive. But that started to change. It was oh so slight at first. It would be things like lying in bed feeling like I couldn’t quite take a deep enough breath. Nothing to alarming, just noticeable. Then it started showing up when running and it produced this feeling like I couldn’t fill my lungs up with enough oxygen. Until one day, I almost felt like I was being suffocated by my own lungs. It’s was a horrible feeling I will never forget. For someone who is passionate about fitness, this ever so sneaky thing was starting to steal that passion away from me because it had become such a burden just to breathe.

I went for several years undiagnosed because my insurance deductible was astronomical. It would have cost me thousands and thousands of dollars to confirm something I was pretty sure of. I finally got insurance with a very reasonable copay again, heck I didn’t even know that kind of insurance even existed anymore. So I made the appointment with a pulmonologist who then sent me for a breathing test. The phone rings and those words finally come, “you have asthma.” I knew it already, but to have another label slapped on my health just really stunk. It actually made me angry.

So, as a typical patient, I started with all the asthma meds, albuterol and Advair along with a daily allergy pill. At first it felt awesome to be able to breathe deeper than I had in a very long time. I still struggled with my cardiovascular ability but it was so much better than it had been. And then I started to notice the side effects. My hair had become very brittle and actually started breaking off, sometimes at the scalp leaving little short pieces of hair that were clueless what to do when trying to be styled. It had gotten really, really bad. So I realized I had a choice to make. I could either continue to ingest something that obviously was having a very negative effect on my body (what else it was doing to my body that I couldn’t see) or I could start to research what are some of the causes of asthma. I am so not shocked that a major player is…FOOD! Crazy thing is I always thought I was a pretty clean eater. But there are so many things that we eat in a traditional western diet that cause inflammation (asthma is a form of inflammation), even things we think are good for us. Your mind will be blown as I start to share those things with you.

So my holistic journey to healing the asthma begins. Since asthma is a form of inflammation, actually most, if not all auto immune diseases are caused by inflammation, it’s time to remove those things that create it. It will be a journey but one I am up for. One thing I know for sure, without reservation….ASTHMA SUCKS!