Renee Arnott 
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Certified PiYo Instructor

As far back as I can remember I’ve had a passion for nutrition and fitness. You see, when I was very young my father suffered from cardiovascular disease. He was in and out of the hospital a lot having multiple bypass heart surgeries. Not that heart surgery isn’t still high risk today, but over 40 years ago it was extremely high risk. So each time my dad went in for surgery we never knew if it would be the last time we would see him. We are so fortunate that medicine has come such a long way.

I remember mom having many conversations with my dad about him getting healthier. My dad was quite the “jolly” man. He had the stomach of Santa Clause, if you can picture that. Of course we know today that is one of the worse places to carry fat because it is so close to the heart. I remember hearing my mom on more than one occasions saying to my dad “the doctors told you if you don’t start eating right and walking you are going to die.” Those words were imprinted into mind forever. They still drive me today to take care of myself.

Even though I was still very young, I think I was in like the first grade, I understood what my mom was saying. So I set out to help my dad get healthy. I would tell him all the time, “if you will take a walk, I’ll go with you.” I was able to convince him on more than one occasion but of course I know now it was more to just appease me that he went then it was his desire to get well. My dad lost his life to cardiovascular disease when I was only 15 years old. That changed how I saw so much, especially my health and wellness. Ever since then I have exercised and 90% of the time I have eaten healthy (what is healthy for my body.) One of the reasons why I have done that is becauseI believe that there is healing in nutrition and exercise. I especially believe that nutrition is the biggest piece most people are missing for wellness. If you never decided to workout another day in your life you will probably just turn to flab, but you will survive. However, if you decide to feed your body empty calories (ok lets call it what it is, crap) that don’t offer your body the nutrition it needs to stay well you will find it hard to fight off something simple as a cold or and virtually impossible to fight something like a life threatening disease.

Back in 2013 I decided to take my passion for wellness a little deeper and I studied health and wellness from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. What I loved about this study was it focused on complete wellness, not just about what you eat or what type of exercise you did. It was studying how to be whole as a person. It taught me to look at all aspects of life like career, spirituality, relationships, health, finances, creativity and more to help others reach their full potential. When life is out of balance in any area, it makes it very hard to have over all wellness.It gives me great pleasure empowering others to find balance in whatever area they need so their life can thrive.

I am a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified PiYo instructor who would love to help you find the balance you need in your life that will help you make your dreams come true.