6 Supplements for Healing Leaky Gut

1. Probiotics are like the number one supplement you should be taking whether you have leaky gut or not. It rejuvenates the good bacteria and basically evicts the bad bacteria. You can get probiotics from both food and by supplementing. Be sure to get a good probiotic. Don’t be cheap or that’s exactly what you will get. Also be sure that it’s at least 50 billion units daily.
2. Quercetin is an natural anti histamine which can help the digestive tract reduce reactions to dietary allergens. It has shown signs for sealing the gut. It actually supports the creation of tight junction proteins. There are studies that have shown that it’s effective in healing ulcerative colitis. It is suggested that you take 500 mg 3 x daily with meals.
3. Colostrum supports a healthy immune response so for those with autoimmune issue this is good. If you have an autoimmune disease your immune systems is over active and basically attacks itself. So colostrum will actually help in this case by lowering the functionality of the immune system so that it is not so over active. It also supports normal GI tract health.
4. Digestive Enzymes break down food into a smaller form in order to help with their absorption by the body. It is suggested that you take one or two capsules at the beginning of each meal.
5. L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid. It’s known for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits. When you are working to heal leaky gut this is on critical necessary for repairing the intestinal lining. It actually as a protective coating for your walls of your cells and repels irritants. It is suggested that you take 2–5 grams 2 x daily.
6. Licorice Root is an important supplement because it helps with balancing cortisol levels and also improves acid production in the stomach. If you have leaky gut that is being caused by emotional stress this is a must for recovery. It is suggested that you take 500 mg 2 x daily.

I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I do not prescribe so the content above is strictly for informational purposes only. Please consult with a functional medicine doctor or a naturopath for diagnosis and prescribing.